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Tai Rittichai is the name behind the exclusive appeal and the style of Tai Jewelry. Rittichai is a jewelry designer who first learnt making jewelry from her mother’s side. At present, Tai’s individual style defines the pieces of jewelry created by her. The Tai Jewelry line is driven by a certain fascination along with the complexity of modern-day handmade jewelry. The designs created by Rittichai balance glamour with nature and they are a steady incorporations of knotting and braiding techniques. The pieces of jewelry created by Tai capture Bohemian sophistication and they celebrate Tai Rittichai’s artistic upbringing. Some of the most popular bracelets created by Tai are as follows:

Tai Jewelry

Tai Pave Disc Bracelet Set

This is a set of three bracelets. You will find one braided bracelet featuring cubic zirconia studded charm, a fabric-covered and slim open bracelet featuring tiny cubic zirconias and a beaded bracelet featuring tasseled ends. All the bracelets are gold plated and they are manufactured in Thailand.

Braided Small Drusy Bracelet

It is a cord bracelet coming from the brand Tai featuring a gold plated pendant that is sunburst and is decorated using plated gold and cubic Zirconia.

Tai 8mm Agate Beaded Bracelet, Peach Rose

The Agate Beaded Bracelet featuring brass findings has 8 mm faceted beads on a stretch cord. The bracelet also features a pendant made of crackled glass and framed using cubic Zirconia pave accents. The diameter of the bracelet is approximately 2.5 inches and it is in slip-on style. The bracelet has been manufactured in the US using imported material.

Tai 3 Strand Amazonite Beaded Bracelet

The 3 Strand Beaded Amazonite Bracelet from Tai features braided brown cords and 24 carat yellow gold vermeil. The bracelet features a glass pendant in mint color along with cubic zirconia pave accents. The drawstring closure features beautiful beads and the bracelet is 100% adjustable.

Braided Silk Cord Bracelet

Move in style with the Braided Silk Cord Bracelet coming from Tai Jewelry. This bracelet features gold detailing and Cubic Zirconia crystal pave accents and has an adjustable sizing. You can wear this bracelet for a party with other accessories. You can also choose to wear this bracelet alone for a simple and sweet accessory style.

Tai Cross Pinch Bracelet

You can use this Cross Pinch Bracelet with other pieces or simply wear it alone for declaring your dedication to delicate styling. It is a 24 carat yellow gold plated bracelet with the end caps featuring a cross and pave cubic zirconia. The bracelet is slightly malleable and opens for slip on style. It is 6 inches round.

Tai Evil Eye Tip Bracelet

This is another 18 carat yellow gold plated bracelet with round pave cubic zirconia tips and evil eye. This is one of the most exclusive bracelets coming from the brand Tai because most users use it in the form of a lucky charm for evading negative and evil influences in life.

Open Bracelet with Large Stone

This is a pretty little jewelry standing out on its own. It looks amazing when layered with various other elegant bracelets and rings. This open bracelet is gold plated and is manufactured in Thailand.

Tai Multi-Strand Agate Beaded Bracelet in Green

This bracelet is on silk cord and features faceted agate, brass and glass beads. The slide closure of the bracelet is adjustable and there are tassel ends. The length of this bracelet is approximately 6.6 inches.

Tai Multi-Strand Hematite Beaded Bracelet in Black

This is another Tai bracelet on silk cord featuring matter hematite, golden brass and mixed agate beads. The slide closure of this bracelet is adjustable and it has tassel ends. It is 6 to 6.5 inches in length.

Tai Wishbone Bracelet

It is made up of 3different bracelets, such as one braided variety having a cubic shaped Zirconia; 2nd is the thinner yet open bracelets covered with fabric and studded with many small Zirconia which are cubic in shape and last not the least, one beaded bracelet whose ends are tasseled.

Now, with so many beautiful options of bracelets, you can have the one you like with ease.

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